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Pillow with Handcuffs


Want to experience the thrill of restraint without compromising on total comfort? This super cozy restraint neck pillow will put a kinky twist on R&R!
  • Ultra-soft neck pillow maximizes postural comfort for hours of play!
  • Adjustable straps, wrist and ankle cuffs are suited to most wearers.
  • Available in black, red and pink.
  • Neck pillow is 12.6 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. Handcuffs are 1.8 inches wide with a 8.3-11.4 inch adjustable range. Ankle cuffs are 2.2 inches wide with a 10.6-14.1 inch adjustable range. Ankle cuff strap length is 37 inches.
  • To clean: we recommend spot-cleaning with fabric cleaner and a damp rag.