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We believe that radical self-acceptance is foundational to anyone’s journey in kink exploration. Everyone has a need, a secret desire or a sexy scenario they just can’t seem to get out of their heads. We started this journey with the hope we could point our fellow kinksters in the right direction. is not your typical adult retailer– we’re bondage enthusiasts in particular, and cater specifically to others. We’ve spent hours and hours determining our favorite forms of play, restraint and curating mutually satisfying experiences for Dominants, submissives and everything in between. Whether you’re a seasoned fetishist looking to expand their existing collection or a curious newbie seeking new thrills, we’ve got the best gear for all of your bondage needs. 

BDSM equipment that’s built to last is expensive and hard to come by, which makes it harder to build out a full collection that suits all your favorite forms of play. Collars, cuffs, full sets and heavy-duty restraint devices can go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars! We wanted to serve the community we know and love, and provide tools and toys at the perfect intersection of affordability and quality. With proper care, your gear should last year after year, even if you’re a serial roughhouser (don’t worry– we are, too). Take the leap and treat yourself today– we’re confident you’ll find something in our catalogs that catches your eye.