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What Is a Blindfold or a Sex Mask?

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What Is a Blindfold or a Sex Mask?

A blindfold is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around the head and used to cover the eyes. Blindfolds are the ideal kinky item to spice up your sex life in a flash, allowing you to relax into the pleasure of handing over control and basking in the glory of submission. 

Kinkybd carries a variety of bondage eye masks and blindfolds to get you in the mood and let you to relinquish your sense of sight for the night, whether you're a seasoned bondage veteran or just getting started.

Why Do People Enjoy Sex With Blindfolds? 

One of the reasons men and women prefer wearing blindfolds is that it enhances their other senses by taking away their sense of sight. A simple touch, such as stroking a finger over a wrist or kissing on the side of the neck, is intensified and made much more potent. For those who enjoy more intense physical sensations, nipple clamp pressure becomes explosive in the greatest possible manner when you can't see exactly what's going on, but oh, can you feel it! Put on a black lace blindfold and pair it with your favorite beautiful lingerie for a lovely and sexy bedroom look!

Is Blindfold Considered Bondage?

Blindfolds are a type of bondage, despite the fact that most people don't think of them that way. The person wearing the eye mask is fully reliant on their spouse because they have lost one of their senses. The individual who wears the mask becomes the submissive, while the person who does not wear the mask becomes the dominant. It's entirely up to you how much you want to play with bondage. A velvet or satin eye mask is ideal for a newcomer who wants to ease their way into the world of bondage.

3 tips for using a blindfold

Choose an appropriate blindfold, such as a tie or silk scarf. 

My personal choice for a blindfold is one of those airplane sleeping masks. You may also use a silk scarf or your boyfriend's tie. You don't have to spend a fortune on a stylish blindfold.

Experiment with your newly enhanced sense of touch. 

Of course, you can use your hands, but offer your spouse to try out some unusual materials like feathers and slivers of velvet, silk, and linen. The tiniest touch could eventually lead to an orgasm if you take your time and are willing to surrender.

Stimulate your sense of taste

This is something I've done since I was a small child. It can, however, become an erotic experience when done with a partner. Prepare an aphrodisiac platter with oysters, figs, honey, almonds, chocolate, champagne, and the works! Put on your best lingerie, blindfold yourself, and get ready to make a very sexy mess…

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