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Guide to Straitjackets

Posted by Kinky BD on
Guide to Straitjackets

For bondage enthusiasts, the sensation of being bound and totally helpless is an erotic thrill. Many bondage subs feel an overwhelming sense of contentment and calm once they’re snugly restrained, kind of like being swaddled (but sexier). Being totally bound might make them feel safe and relaxed as they slip into a submissive headspace and await whatever kinky play is next bondage restraints:

Straitjackets are regarded by some as the gold standard for restraint play. They provide quick, easy and complete immobilization for the submissive. They’re an excellent go-to for kinksters interested in heavy bondage who don’t want to be bothered with extensive rope ties– just a quick fastening and you’re good to go. Simply place the arms inside the sleeves, lace or strap up the garment along your sub’s back, and finally, fasten the sleeves with the available strap so their arms are secured across their torso. It’ll be like your sub is giving themselves a hug inside a jacket that’s impossible to get out of! Straitjackets come in a variety of fabrics and two typical designs: the classic straitjacket and the bolero-style straitjacket. The classic straitjacket provides full coverage for the entire torso, while the bolero-style is cut out at the breast area. Both will provide the same level of restraint, but some prefer the bolero-style for aesthetic or comfort purposes– some bustier subs may like a little freedom in the breast area! Check out our Leather Bondage Straitjacket and our Half-Top Sexy Bondage Jacket (also known as a bolero straitjacket) and see which is right for you. 

Straitjackets are a fantastic complement to all sorts of roleplays and fantasy scenes, but can still elicit the same excitement when used just on their own. We’ll cover basic safety when using them and give you a little inspiration for a few fun, kinky scenes. 

For safety starters, communication and consent are crucial, as with anything else in BDSM toys. When you’re putting a straitjacket on your submissive, make sure that it’s snug but not suffocating. A correctly placed straitjacket should have almost no give, meaning your sub can squirm and wriggle to their heart’s content without a chance of getting free. This also means, however, that as the dom in this scene, it’s important not to leave your sub unattended, and to always check in with them if the restraints become uncomfortable. You might need to readjust the straps or reposition your sub if this happens. As the dom in this scene, the inherent responsibility for your tightly-bound lover deepens your trust bonds, as they’re relying on you to dictate the direction of things and care for them if it becomes at all overwhelming. 

Now, let’s discuss some sexy use-cases for your straitjacket. They’re great on their own if you or your sub simply adore the feeling of being tightly swaddled, and the garment leaves the lower half of your body free, so it won’t get in the way during sex. If you don’t care to pair your straitjacket with actual intercourse, you and your partner could simply use it for trust-building exercises or heavy bondage tolerance training. 

At KinkyBD, we love roleplays and elaborate fantasy BDSM scenes. Life is too short for boring sex, so we’ve outlined our three favorite straitjacket roleplay scenarios to inspire some zest in the bedroom. 

Patient/doctor scenario– Sure, straitjackets have a murky history in their implementation in medical or psychiatric contexts, but roleplays are all about fantasy, so you’re encouraged to make your supporting story as fun or ridiculous as possible. Enter the room while your sub is tightly bound in their straitjacket– they’ll tell you that they’ve been hospitalized and ordered to wear a straitjacket for their chronic masturbation/sex addiction. As their ‘doctor’, you can guide them on how to kick their dirty, little habit. 

Prison guard/interrogation scenario– This is a great fantasy precursor to a session involving a little bit of punishment. You’re a prison guard who’s determined to find out information, but your prisoner won’t talk. Use threats of corporal punishment with them if they’re uncooperative– maybe threaten to leave them in their straitjacket all night! (not really, though…)

Mummification scenario– If your sub thirsts for heavy bondage, take your time slowly binding and wrapping them up, building anticipation as their physical freedom shrinks. The straitjacket will keep them snug and unable to get their hands and arms free, and you- as the top- can use rope, tape, or even plastic wrap to cover the rest of their body. 

When using your first straitjacket, always remember your safety guidelines and your safe word(s), but after that, let your kinky creativity run wild! 

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