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A Guide to Restraint Play

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A Guide to Restraint Play

Bondage is a fun, kinky topic in the BDSM world that can take many forms. Whether it’s neck, wrist or ankle cuffs, chains, rope, tape, hoods, body bags or straitjackets, there are myriad ways to keep your partner snugly in place. Bondage, like all forms of Buy BDSM gags and power play, requires trust and negotiation to ensure all parties are having a good time. Scenes should be talked about beforehand, and the bondage-ee must articulate just how tied up or locked down they’d like to be. Whether you’re the one putting someone in bondage or the one in bondage, making sure you have the right gear that’ll withstand hours of play is a must-have. We’ll break down some of our favorite forms of restraint to make sure you’re equipped for your best bondage scene yet. 

Cuffs and Collars: 

Definitely the best go-to for beginners, cuffs, kinky whips and collars provide firm, effective point restraint with easy application. Cuffs are most often applied to the wrists and ankles to keep the wearer’s arms and legs in a fixed position during playtime. They can be used easily during sex, as they only cover a small area of the wearer’s body (as opposed to more full-body forms of restraint, where the allure may be on the bondage alone, rather than the combination of it with other forms of sexy play). Collars provide the same benefits, except they are worn around the neck (pet play fantasy, anyone?). The best cuffs and collars are ones that can withstand hours of heavy-duty playtime– the wearer should be able to jerk and pull without any give. Collars and cuffs are extremely versatile, as they are typically designed to be combined with other forms of restraint play. You can affix your cuffs and collars to a leash, a bed frame, wall or ceiling hooks, a spreader bar (used to force the wearer’s arms or legs open) and more! Use them during kinky roleplay; if you’ve ever had a prisoner/guard fantasy, we recommend our steel Slave Roleplay Shackles, complete with reinforced steel chains and locking key sets. If you’re a beginner with restraint play or someone who just enjoys simplicity, cuffs and collars are a must-have for any kinkster’s bondage collar collection. 


Rope is a classic and versatile option for restraint play (also known as shibari), but requires a little knowledge to use safely and correctly. Rope can be used just about anywhere on the body (with the exception of the neck), and can allow a little build-up of anticipation while you take your time getting your partner securely bound. Rope can be used for point restraints on the wrists, arms, legs and ankles, or, if you’re a little more experienced with your ties, around the torso to create a body harness. When tying your partner, it’s important to create firm ties that’ll keep them securely in place and prevent too much wiggling, but it’s just as crucial to ensure the ropes aren’t cutting off circulation. We recommend making sure the person tying the rope is able to insert two fingers between the rope and the wearer’s skin. For a complete experience, try our 8 Piece Bondage Set, complete with a 15-foot length of rope for beginners, a set of cuffs, a ball gag, flogger and blindfold, so you can combine multiple forms of play while you practice your tying! 


A classic option for more heavy-duty restraint, the straitjacket has been a favorite tool of bondage enthusiasts for decades. It’s a garment worn around the arms and torso, designed to keep the arms bound tightly around the body. The sleeves hook around the wearer’s back, and the jacket is reinforced with several belts for a firm, customizable fit. If your goal is to feel more heavily encased during your restraint play with no room for escape, this is a fantastic option that still leaves the lower half of the wearer’s body accessible. Straitjackets can be a perfect complement to roleplays, and are guaranteed to keep the wearer from moving around too much. We recommend our classic Leather Bondage Straitjacket, or for a more fashionable look, our Half Top Sexy Bondage Jacket, both featuring a D-ring on the neck to add your favorite leash or rope for extra restraint. 

Body bags: 

Perhaps the most heavy-duty option for extreme bondage, body bags encase the wearer’s entire body for complete restraint, head-to-toe. They’re perfect for kinksters who crave feeling bound to the point of helplessness during their play, as they ensure the wearer is unable to escape. These bags feature adjustable belts and laces that form to the wearer’s body, so their arms and legs are kept tightly under wraps. They typically feature an additional hood to add an element of sensory deprivation, where the wearer is kept in total darkness while they await what’s next. Our Full Body Bondage Sleep Sack is not for the faint of heart; only those who seek total restraint are encouraged to give it a try! 

Remember, restraint play is not simply limited to these forms– it’s in fact one of the most versatile forms of BDSM that can allow you to get as creative as you want. Different restraint implements can be combined for added fun, or you can use your imagination to craft a bondage scene right from things in your home! Of course, we recommend our products first and foremost, as they’re certain to outlast even the roughest of play. Happy tying, squeezing or locking!

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