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A guide to gags

Posted by Kinky BD on
A guide to gags

Gags are commonly used in BDSM play in bondage and fantasy role-play scenarios. A gag prevents the wearer from speaking and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the majority filling or forcing the mouth open. The type of gag utilized is mostly determined by personal preference, the type of role-play (if any) that will be involved in the scene, and any safety concerns that must be addressed. 

Gags are frequently employed in conjunction with other forms of physical restriction, and they are also related with games that entail punishment and control. Using a gag can heighten a scene's sense of helplessness while also increasing erotic enjoyment. Some people are turned on by the uncontrollable drooling that occurs with particular forms of gags, while others are turned on by the sound gagged persons make.


Let's look at some of the more common forms of gags, as well as some play-specific gags.


Ball gag

The ball gag is the most well-known of all the gags. The ball (typically made of rubber or silicone) that is positioned below the wearer's teeth, choking them, gives it its name. The ball's placement in the mouth forces the mouth open, preventing the wearer from speaking yet allowing them to make sounds. The ball's size can vary, and it usually has a strap that wraps around the wearer's head to keep it in place, although it can also come in more sophisticated harness configurations. The wiffle gag is a variation of the conventional ball gag that has holes in it to allow ventilation.

Bit gag 

Bit gags are modeled after horse bridle mouth bits and are distinguished by the bar that is placed in the wearer's mouth. The bit can be constructed of a variety of materials and thicknesses, although it is often composed of soft rubber. The bit is inserted in the wearer's mouth, behind the teeth, and is secured with a head strap, similar to a ball gag.

Ring gag

The ring gag is analogous to the ball gag in that it contains a hollow ring instead of a ball. The ring enhances airflow and reduces the danger of choking by allowing access to the inside of the mouth. The ring's size can vary greatly, and if large enough, things can be passed through it and directly into the wearer's mouth. If desired, the wearer can optionally flip the ring to a horizontal position.


When you're ready, add in some more toys. If you're new to BDSM, starting with a simple ball gag is a nice place to start. Consider introducing other sex toys into your roleplay if you've become used to the ball gag and want to explore other aspects of BDSM, such as a blindfold, handcuffs, spanker, or nipple clamps. 

Wash your gag on a regular basis. After each usage, wash your ball gag with soap and water to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading. Disinfect your ball gag on a regular basis to add an extra layer of protection against bacteria.

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