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A Guide to Collars, Leashes and Pet Play

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A Guide to Collars, Leashes and Pet Play

Whether you’re new to BDSM or a seasoned player, you know how fun, versatile and sexy restraint play can be. Incorporating restraints into your scenes allows the kinksters involved to play around with power dynamics, submission and dominance. Binding the submissive’s wrists and ankles is the most typical go-to for restraint play, but one of our absolute favorite forms of restraint is the leash and collar combo. This simple but effective form of restraint is an excellent precursor to Pet Play, but can be used by anyone with an interest in get bondage restraints:

Collars and leashes, together, can make for fun and creative roleplays in the bedroom. ‘Pet Play’ is a form of BDSM play where the submissive assumes the role of an animal– most often a cuddly dog, cat, bunny or horse– but the style and direction of your playtime is entirely up to you! Pet Play clearly establishes a power dynamic between Dom and sub, as one kinkster is consensually ‘dehumanized’ for the duration of play. Pet Play can be humiliation-based, like asking your partner to drink out of a dog bowl, for example, but it doesn’t always have to be so literal. Whether you’re fully committing to the animal role or simply experimenting with different forms of restraint, a collar and leash combination is a great addition to your BDSM toys collection. As a Dom, you can lead your beloved pet around the room on their hands and knees, directing them to the bed, couch or floor. As a sub, you can strap in and be led by your trusted partner, allowing you to ‘let go’ and enjoy the scene the two of you have crafted together. We’ll include some of our favorite BDSM scenes incorporating a leash and collar to give you some inspiration: 

  • Walking your partner around the room on their hands and knees. Lead them to the mirror, stand over them and tell them what a good little pet they are. Give them an idea of how much fun it would be to train them properly, as if they were your beloved animal companion. If you’re fully committed to Pet Play scenes, walk your partner around with a chew toy or stick in their teeth and give them head scratches. If they’ve misbehaved, attach their leash to a piece of furniture or other hard points to put them in time-out!
  • Combine other forms of restraint for a fully-immobilized bondage experience. Stand over your partner while they’re lying there and looking up at you, pulling on the leash to lift their head up so you can whisper naughty things right in their ear. 
  • Performing a slave/master roleplay– use your collar and leash to simply reaffirm the power dynamic between the two of you. Let them know that the master makes the rules!
  • Using a collar and leash to manipulate your partner’s body positions during sex.

A comfortable collar should always be used– the best collars have a firm hold, but are not tight enough to restrict the flow of oxygen (try our Caviar Leather Adjustable Collar or our soft, vegan Plush Neck Collar for ultimate comfort and luxury). Restraints around the neck should always be used carefully; make sure you’re communicating with your partner about their comfort! Attach your favorite leash and give it a few firm pulls in different directions to make sure you can properly lead your sub around by their neck without risking injury or choking. After you’ve fitted the collar snugly but comfortably around their neck and attached their leash, the fun can begin. 

Collars and leashes are rising in popularity among BDSM newbies, and with good reason– they’re intuitive, easy to use, and inspire creativity in the bedroom. There are a multitude of ways they can be implemented into your kinky playtime and allow for new avenues to be explored, allowing you to be adventurous, vulnerable, sadistic– whatever feelings you derive from BDSM. A high-quality collar and leash (of which you have many options to choose from our collection) should withstand hours of even the roughest play without deteriorating, ensuring you and your partner have endless nights of fun ahead! Whether your interest is simply in bondage or more specifically Pet Play, a collar and leash are a staple for anyone’s collection of BDSM gear.

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