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A Guide to CBT (cock and ball torture)

Posted by Kinky BD on

BDSM describes ways to experience intimacy that are infinitely vast– there are classical approaches (from when the acronym was first coined), modern approaches (as technology and sex toys have evolved) and approaches that are brand-new,...

Guide to Straitjackets

Posted by Kinky BD on

For bondage enthusiasts, the sensation of being bound and totally helpless is an erotic thrill. Many bondage subs feel an overwhelming sense of contentment and calm once they’re snugly restrained, kind of like being swaddled...

All About Female Dominance

Posted by Kinky BD on

Female Dominance, or ‘femdom’, refers simply to the woman taking total control in BDSM scenes. Femdom is represented in some of the most classic BDSM iconography– picture a towering, leather-clad goddess standing over a kneeling,...

A Guide to Impact Play

Posted by Kinky BD on

Pain isn’t always a bad thing– it’s something that can be incorporated into your intimate play to deepen partner bonds, encourage vulnerability, de-stress and more. Impact play is an umbrella term that describes a type...

A Guide to Collars, Leashes and Pet Play

Posted by Kinky BD on

Whether you’re new to BDSM or a seasoned player, you know how fun, versatile and sexy restraint play can be. Incorporating restraints into your scenes allows the kinksters involved to play around with power dynamics,...